DA 3 here soon!

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I’ve been a huge fan of this EA trilogy ever since Mexicans began crossing the border. Although the first one, for me, was like going to a prostitute for a hug. I really disliked that if you were a mage you could only do a little damage and the slow “pew, pew” of the staff made it worse. The amount of time spells took to take effect was longer than the wait for Jesus. He’s my Mexican friend.

So when DA 2 came out I was more than pleased when my favourite class (the mage) could do the most damage in very little time, just like getting hit in the balls. The gameplay was more than fantastic and the storyline was amazing. Sideline romances were fun and an even better waste of my time than waiting for a fat person to take out books from their locker.


The game is rumoured to be coming out on Next Gen consoles (something that may come as a bummer to most people). I imagine that they will follow in the footsteps of Microsoft’s Fable trilogy and make the next protagonist royal by birth and have a lot of money in the bank without having to get it through illegal means or by loaning money from The Mafia (awesome game). I expect to have more inter-party communication outside of quests where we can gossip about someone mooning the entire assembly or anything along those lines. Wouldn’t it make building and destroying relationships so much easier?

Needless to say (unless I’m speaking to the mentally handicapped), I’m ecstatic in my wait for DA 3 to come out, along with a few other gamers. But one thing I must ask both EA and the gamers out there is: Do we really need another protagonist?

Goodier, Mentil Mind.