A new game hit the app store harder than Chris Brown hit Rihanna: Tengami. This amazing adventure game is set in a Japanese pop-up book where you “fold and slide the beautifully crafted paper world to solve puzzles and discover secrets”. It sounds way cooler than a cheap refrigerator! I can’t wait to waste hours of my youth in the dark playing this game and killing glow worms! The best part is that it has NO IN-GAME ADVERTISEMENTS!!!! Try the game out.

Goodier, Moi Mentil Mind.


Publisher – Nyamyam

Size: 200MB

Age restriction: 4+

System requirements: iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Works best on iPhone 5


720 or 1?

Xbox concept render-580-75

Microsoft, despite their battle with apples (and they call me crazy) is still a favourite of many across the world. It made the marvellous Xbox: something us lazy people can play with until our eyes burn when we go into the light (ha, ha). It makes crappy-looking phones/mobile devices but still manages to rake in the dollars and remain one of my faves.

Now their latest creation is soon to grace our dusty TV stands (the cleaning ladies have the week off). It was previously known as the Xbox 720, a name that makes people want to sell their ovaries just to touch, let alone own, one. I googled it the other day and a controller of some retard’s creation came across the screen.

I don''t know how they expect me to operate it...please do help.

I don”t know how they expect me to operate it…please do help.

I don’t know about you but I don’t nearly have that many fingers. Toes but not fingers. Recently the name of the console has been changed to Xbox 1: a name that reminds me of the very first Xbox which resembled an actual box. I think that sales may decrease just a little because of that name but in reality anyone (in the gaming world) who doesn’t buy the console deserves to be flushed down a public toilet.

Still, I’m more than willing to give the new console a chance. I hope that it’ll live up to my great expectations (isn’t that a show?). Which name tickles your fanny fancy: Xbox 720, or Xbox 1?

Goodier, Mentil Mind.